Access Systems

Pro Tech Fire Alarm and Communication Systems Inc. installs effective and simple-to-use door access control systems.

We offer over a decade of experience planning, customizing and installing wired and wireless access control systems.

As access control installers, we understand the importance of controlling who enters and leaves your building.

We specialize in designing door access control systems for Apartment complexes, general contractors, commercial buildings and retail establishments.



Keyless Access Systems

Keyless buildings are more than just convenient; they provide data on who comes and goes. Using a key-fob with a unique chip establishes every entry at your location.  With a one minute adjustment, users can be added or removed from your system to save you time from cutting new keys. Doors are scheduled to be locked or opened depending on day of the week and holiday schedules. Medicine rooms or product cages are managed 24/7 with scheduled lockout times depending on the employee’s work schedule.

The card access system shows which cards access which doors at all times. This way, you can manage your key cards from your desk rather than walking around testing cards at all the doors. Not only is this inconvenient, walking around with a stash of keys can be dangerous. Running your business profitably is hard enough without undergoing unexpected misfortune and loss.

You don’t have to re-key all your does when someone leaves your company.

Never worry about a deadbolt again. With a card access system, the electronic system will interact with software to make these changes, so all you need to do is punch a few buttons.

You don’t need to worry about lost keys falling into the wrong hands.

When you know you’ve lost a card for your access system, you can simply deactivate it until it’s found or leave it deactivated once you replace it with a new card.

Be certain that no one can make a copy of your card (key)

Card access systems make it much more difficult for an intruder to copy a “key” card. The electronics in the card can’t be cut at Walmart like a traditional key can be cut.