Data Room Protection


The Problem:


Fire sprinkler systems can leak even without being triggered by a fire. Water can and will cause irreparable damage to computer equipment and other electronics. In addition, fire sprinklers are triggered by heat sensors and, by the time there is enough heat to trigger those sensors, some sensitive equipment may have already been damaged or become compromised. Cleaning  from the fire and water damage, is time consuming and costly as is data restoration.




Halon systems release chemicals that can damage the Ozone and endanger personnel. Cleaning and maintaining these systems is also quite expensive, and the amount of space necessary to house one of these systems requires sacrifices from your office real estate.

“Do you still rely on fire sprinklers or a Halon system to protect your data room?“


The Solution:

  • Our electric generators are controlled by smoke detectors that guarantee early detection and extinguishing of fires. Clean up is easy, as the aerosol mist can be quickly vented from the room and any residue can be lightly dusted away. The generators have a shelf life of 10 years and, once used, can be replaced quickly and at a low cost.
  • Stat-X Fire Suppression Systems® are 100% Ozone safe and can be tolerated by people within close range of deployment. Compared with Halon, or any other suppression system out there, ours provide the most cost and space effective designs.
  • “Stat-X aerosol has been tested on a wide range of sensitive materials including real world industrial applications. There have been no reports of any negative effects of the aerosol composition on electronic equipment or circuit boards. Properly installed Stat-X systems will not harm electronic equipment and there will be no detrimental affect to the effective life of equipment exposed to Stat-X aerosol.” – from manufacturer’s White Papers.


Server room protected by a Stat-X Electrical Fire Suppression System