Distributed Antenna System

Pro Tech Offers expert evaluation, system design for your specific building and installation services for Distributed Antenna System. Whether you need a system for a new building or you’re updating an existing building Pro Tech Fire Alarm has the expertise to install a Distributed Antenna System (DAS system)into your desired building.


How a Distributed Antenna System Works

 Communications provides distributed antenna systems or DAS and DAS wireless deployment on local local, regional or national scope. DAS or Distributed Antenna Systems combines a fiber cable or copper cable consisting of CAT 5e or CAT6 backbone tying in WAP- wireless access points to a switch or proprietary system. DAS WIFI deployment is becoming popular and required in many industries in all 50 states with a team of certified national wireless installers providing wireless roll outs for a full spectrum of national wireless integration services. DAS is being deployed in hospitals, nursing homes, municipalities, campus environments, military bases,domestic resorts, international resorts, all enabling the users wireless communications up to 4G bandwidths using fiber cable as a backbone to deliver the needed bandwidth.
The National Fire Code has urged jurisdictions to create guidelines requiring distributed antenna systems in larger buildings so that emergency responders are able to use their radios to communicate during emergency situations. These systems allow radio signals to be received deep in the recesses of the largest and most complex facilities, and also ensure that cell phone signals are accessible for your employees, customers, and business operations.